Motorcycle Council of NSW (MCCNSW) is a not for profit organisation, dealing with State and Federal Government issues in relation to motorcycling since 1981.

MCCNSW and Australian 24/7 Roadside Services Pty Ltd got together in late 2018 to provide an affordable level of roadside assist Australia Wide and to support more than thirty six thousand MCCNSW riders. Hence the name Motorcycle Assist.

Motorcycle Assist is available to all motorcyclists. Even if you are not a member of MCCNSW, you can take advantage of our roadside assistance packages, and in doing so you will be supporting research on motorcycle safety and promoting motorcycling as a viable transport alternative.

You can learn more about MCCNSW at mccofnsw.org.au

Both groups know and support motorcycling, so it made great sense for us to work together and provide the best on road support possible for our members and motorcyclists, with great terms and conditions and affordable pricing.

Motorcycle roadside assistance should be simple, reliable and available wherever and whenever you decide to ride, and Motorcycle Assist has the National coverage and experience to support motorcyclists when they need it most.

You can choose two levels of motorcycle roadside assist, Standard or Premium, designed to suit your riding needs. Motorcycle Assist is part of the group Australian 24/7 Roadside Services Pty Ltd and already provide roadside assistance to thousands of Swann Insurance customers Australia Wide.