Motorcycle Riders Association ACT is a not for profit organisation community service organisation, whose main purpose is to improve the conditions and reputation of motorcyclist in the ACT region.

The MRA ACT was formed in the early 1970’s to represent motorcycle riders and to protect their rights and riding independence.

Even if you are not a member of MCCNSW or the MRA ACT, you can take advantage of our roadside assistance packages, and in doing so you will be supporting research on motorcycle safety and promoting motorcycling as a viable transport alternative.

The MRA ACT’s Objectives:

  • Represent all riders irrespective of gender, age, club affiliation, or type of powered two wheeled vehicle they ride.
  • Raise the profile of motorcycling in the broader community.
  • Improve road safety for riders but not at the expense of undermining a riders right to choose.
  • Engender motorcycling as a safe, efficient and greener alternative form of sustainable transport.

The MRA ACT encourages all riders to support our work in achieving the organisation’s objectives and has memberships for individuals and affiliations for clubs to join the cause.

Improving Road Safety outcomes for riders:

  • The MRA ACT serves on the Black Spot Committee; Motorcycle User Group and the peak advisory body of the Road User Working Group.
  • We are also represented at the ACT Chief Minister’s Road Safety Round table voicing the concerns of the rider with sub-standard roads and road side furniture.
  • The MRA ACT is regularly in the media voicing concerns of riders and looking to improve our lot.
  • Editorial comment has been provided on the new Motorcyclist’s Handbook and the Good Gear Guide, and the MRA ACT is regularly called upon to review suggested Road Rule changes;
  • Rider training with the MASTERS course for returning and mature aged riders which has had a positive impact on the bent and broken born again bikers, and the Ride n Thrive which is a roadcraft course for all riders.

Raising the profile of motorcycling:

Blanket Run.
Motorcycle Awareness Week.
Toy Run.
Participation in the Show n Sticky
Capital Rally

The MRA ACT actively support all other clubs when requested in providing their events:

Pink Ribbon Ride.
Ride for Difference.
Vintage and Veterans Swap Meet.
Vietnam Vets Poker and Charity rides.

The community will often identify us via our charity work which has grown steadily under the stewardship of our many volunteers, with rides of over 1000 riders becoming a bench mark rather than an aspiration. We actively support other organisations in their activities and combine to present successful and popular events – the Ride4Difference, Motorcycle Awareness Week are examples. With this active and proactive support and promotion the MRA ACT is and will position itself as truly representative of the motorcycling community of the ACT.

Motorcycle roadside assistance should be simple, reliable and available wherever and whenever you decide to ride, and Motorcycle Assist has the National coverage and experience to support motorcyclists when they need it most.

Promotion Code: MRAACT

When becoming a member for roadside assist please use promotion code MRAACT for the Motorcycle Rider Association ACT.

Our 3 groups (MCAA & MCCNSW, MRAACT) know and support motorcycling, so it made great sense for us to work together and provide the best on road support possible for our members and motorcyclists, with great terms and conditions and affordable pricing.

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