Standard Assist Per Year $49.00

  • Australia Wide Coverage
  • Battery Replacement Service
  • Emergency roadside assist.
  • Emergency Fuel
  • Flat Battery / Jump Starts
  • Free Motorcycle Trailer Cover
  • Flat Tyre
  • 25km Free Towing Metropolitan
  • 50km Free Towing Country
  • 2 Callouts Per Year
  • No Joining Fee
Premium Assist Per Year $99.00

  • Australia Wide Coverage
  • Breakdown Accommodation
  • Breakdown Car Hire
  • Battery Replacement Service
  • Emergency roadside assist
  • Free Emergency Fuel
  • Free Motorcycle Trailer Cover
  • Flat Battery / Jump Starts
  • Unlimited Callouts
  • Unlimited Towing Nearest Repairer
  • Unlimited Flat Tyres Nearest Repairer
  • Unlimited Km’s Nearest Repairer
  • No joining Fee

Motorcycle Council NSW

The Motorcycle Council NSW is a State based motorcycling organisation, dealing with State and Federal Government issues in relation to motorcycling. When you buy a roadside assist policy you will be supporting the Motorcycle Council NSW , and you the Australian motorcyclist.

Motorcycle Assist is available to all motorcyclists Australia Wide. Even if you are not a member of MCCNSW, you can take advantage of our roadside assistance packages, and in doing so you will be supporting research on motorcycle safety and promoting motorcycling as a viable transport alternative.

You can learn more about MCCNSW at mccofnsw.org.au and how to become a member or simply call the Motorcycle Council NSW office on 1300 679 622

Australia Wide Coverage We Cover

Sports bikes, Supersport, Touring, Cruisers, Cafe Racer, Scooters, Sidecars, Can-Am, Trikes, Vintage Motorcycles, Motorcycles with Sidecars, Club Registration.

Roadside assist will aid you in situations where your motorcycle is immobilised for any reasons such as a flat battery, flat tyre, running out of petrol or mechanical problems, having two options of cover for your motorcycle, its motorcycle aid when you need it most.

Own more than one motorcycle? once you have set up your account you can add and pay for extra motorcycles on the same account at anytime.

Additional Motorcycle Cost:  Additional motorcycles being added to your account will cost the same amount, you can mix the premium and standard policy’s via your account to meet your riding needs.

Vehicles: Want your vehicle covered also? vehicles must be under 10 years of age, you can cover your vehicle under the same terms & conditions and pricing.

Members & Customer Inquiries: If you have inquiries regarding roadside assistance or your personal account see Contact Us on our website, Please Do Not Call 1300 952 500 this number is used for emergency roadside assistance only.