Motorcycle Council of NSW

The Motorcycle Council of NSW Inc. (MCC of NSW) is an internationally recognised umbrella group for motorcycle clubs, associations and ride groups, in the State of New South Wales, Commonwealth of Australia. The MCC of NSW is a not for profit organisation, dealing with State and Federal Government issues in relation to motorcycling.

Starting in 1981, the MCC of NSW is the peak body for motorcycling in this state. It represents 62 clubs, with more than 36,000 riders.

MCC Achievements

  • Introduction of Lane Filtering in NSW
  • Lobbied for the legalisation of ECE22.05 approved helmets and won
  • Had the blinker laws changed so that NSW Legislation matched federal legislation and ADR’s stopping defects for riders 2013
  • Lobbied successfully for the Motocap system of star ratings for MC Clothing
  • Changed the road rules in NSW relating to three points of contact on the MC so you can stretch a leg
  • Changed the road rules in NSW relating to standing on the pegs
  • Production of Rider Risk videos and had them distributed to all new Learner Riders
  • Reversed the requirement for exhaust labels in 2006
  • Defeated the proposal for Engineers Certification for exhausts and suspension changes in 2013
  • Staysafe Committee of inquiry into Motorcycle Safety saw the committee recommend uptake of all but one of the MCC of NSW’s recommendations
  • Worked extensively with Centre for Road Safety and Vehicle Standards Working Group to clarify approved modifications for Motorcycles in VSI-06
  • Worked with CRS and VSWG to have motorcycle carriers similar to Moto’s legalised and approved VSI-60 2014
  • Negotiated with Transport for NSW to reduce tolls on the only roads operated by RMS the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Harbour Tunnel with the E-Rider scheme giving unlimited crossings for $90/quarter
  • 2011 the MCC achieved a 17% reduction in CTP for motorcyclists, the first CTP reduction in 10 years

Government Lobbying

The MCC of NSW has a long history of successful lobbying on behalf of individual motorcyclists. Outcomes include;

  • Lane filtering
  • Free & improved parking for motorcycles in the Sydney CBD
  • Annual Motorcycle Awareness Month
  • Reversed legislation on exhaust labelling
  • Put a hold on the introduction of front number plates
  • Increased advertising from the RTA for motorcycle awareness
  • Obtained seats on the joint Motor Accidents Authority / MCC committee to improve motorcycle safety
  • Obtained representation on the Helmets Australian Standards Committee
  • Obtained representation, through the Australian Motorcycle Council
  • Obtained representation on the Road Barriers Australian Standards Committee
  • Reviewed LTCS & CTP Green Slips for motorcycles and now working to reduce the costs
  • Worked with various councils to fund and produce motorcycle advisory brochures for roads in their areas
  • Helped drive national issues by being part of the Australian Motorcycle Committee (AMC)
  • Conducted helmet studies with UNSW Sydney
  • Instrumental in the reintroduction of a mentoring program for motorcyclists.

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